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Self striping sock yarn- Carolina Girls

*******IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PREORDERED COLORWAYS- Please allow 6-9 weeks for shipping as these are dyed to order special for you. I am looking forward to sending a skein to your mailbox!

Beautiful home brewed self striping sock yarn. At a gauge of “8sts/“ should knit into rows of striping goodness. 

###### As with any handpainted yarn, needle size, stitch count, gauge etc will affect how the colors "land" so yours may not be identical to my swatch, but that's the fun part. My small swatch was knit at 8 st/" over 64 stitches.

***My dyeing process is a creative one, not very scientific. Even if they are made in the same batch, the same colors in the same order- No two skeins are the same. This makes your skein truly one of a kind. The picture above may or may not be the exact skein you receive***

Please be careful with first few COLD only washes. I rinse and I rinse and rinse after I steam and steam and steam to set the dye with lots of acid but some colors seem to just be stubborn. Don't want your socks to bleed.

Approximately 440 yds
4 ply
75% Superwash merino wool
25% Nylon
Very soft and squishy!

From a smoke free but very Chihuahua ( the REAL Kirby!) and Brussels Griffon friendly home. I try to keep them both away from my process and skeins are bagged and put away as soon as they are dried and reskeined.


Dyed right in my kitchen for you! A joy to knit with, the yarn does all the stripey work. Made for a knitter, by a knitter.